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Dwainia Grey

Publisher, Author, Teacher

Dwainia Grey empowers the Empowerpreneur ™ to use online marketing to successfully reach their preferred client. She is also the  author of over 11 books on online marketing.

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I teach strategy.

Understand the why and know what results you will gain from marketing online.

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Our Clients

Clive Morrison - Blogger

Dwainia was awesome. She helped me take my business to the next level.

Yvonne Akpoveta - Change Management

Would recommend anybody who is new to having a website or thinking of their online strategy.

Jacqueline Roberts - Trainer

Thank you Dwainia for the helpful information - It was informative and insightful for anyone who is looking for specific ways to improve their web presence.


40+ Workbooks

I have published over 40 workbooks on Amazon and Etsy to help you start and grow your business. 

10 Workshops

10 courses that have been taught online and at live workshops to teach digital marketing strategies.

6 Books

Amazon bestselling author of 6 books on online marketing.