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12 Week Hustle Workbook


Do more in less time!

Do you make annual business plans and fail to make it to the finish line?

Do you set annual goals and lose interest halfway through?

Do you have a problem being motivated to complete your goals at the end of the year?

Start thinking in terms of 12 weeks instead of one year. 12 weeks is long enough to get things done and short enough to keep up the momentum.

Change the way you think. 

The 12 Week Hustle is my version of the 12 Week Year. The 12 Week Hustle is based on the philosophy and methodology of the authors. This is how I modified it to write and launch a book in 12 Weeks.

Imagine getting more done in less time.

Use this workbook to get your #1 business goal accomplished in 12 weeks.

The 12 Week Hustle Workbook focuses on only ONE goal to achieve during the next 12 weeks. It helps you map out the actions you need to take and prioritize what you need to do each week to achieve your goal.

You will also review and score your progress weekly and set your goals for the coming week based on what you have accomplished and your 12-week plan. The 12 Week Hustle motivates and drives you to accomplish your goals.

The weekly and daily planning and scheduling sheets make all the difference as you only focus on key actions that propel you to completing your ONE BIG GOAL.

Use 12 Week Hustle Workbook to achieve BIG GOALS!

When you set annual goals it’s easy to push tasks to next week. With the 12 Week Hustle every day counts. This time management system helps you focus on what matters as well as use that last-minute energy more effectively to get more done in less time.

You can start the 12 Week Hustle at any time in the year. Just set aside time to find clarity in your vision for your business and the next 12 weeks and to outline the actions you need to take.

138-Page PDF Includes:

  • Business and Life Vision
  • 12 Week Hustle Business Vision
  • Planning and Smart Goals
  • 12 Week Hustle Action Plan
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Weekly 12 Week Hustle Planner (Instructions and 12 Week Schedule)
  • Daily 12 Week Hustle Planner (Instructions and Monday to Sunday Schedule)
  • 2 – 12 Week Hustle Time Blocking Templates
  • 12 Week Hustle Weekly Review and Accountability
  • Final 12 Week Review

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