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Leader Intention Journal


The Leadership Intention Journal is a 12-week journal designed to help leaders stay focused on their goals and intentions. This journal is the perfect tool for anyone looking to make progress towards their leadership goals and live a more intentional life.

With its minimalist designed pages, the Leadership Intention Journal provides a space for leaders to set weekly intentions, track their progress, and reflect on their journey. It’s the perfect tool for leaders who want to stay focused and accountable to their growth.

The journal is designed to be used for just 12 weeks, allowing leaders to make intentional progress towards their goals without feeling overwhelmed or burned out. 

Each week, you’ll receive a new prompt to help you set intentions and track your progress.

Use the Leadership Intention Journal to set goals, stay focused, and make progress towards your leadership aspirations. It’s the perfect tool for anyone looking to lead with intention and purpose.

Order your Leadership Intention Journal today and start living a more intentional life as a leader.

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