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Leadership Affirmation Cards


The Leadership Affirmation Cards are designed to inspire and motivate leaders to be their best selves. With these leadership affirmation cards, you can promote positivity, confidence, and clarity to your team or staff members. 

Use the affirmation cards to set the tone for your day or week, and watch as they help you become a better leader. The leaders motivational deck includes powerful affirmations specifically tailored to leaders and is perfect for use at work or at home.

Whether you are a business owner, a manager, or an aspiring leader, these cards are the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals. Use them as a daily reminder to stay focused and motivated, or share them with your team to inspire collaboration and teamwork.

Each card features a unique affirmation that is designed to help you overcome challenges, stay motivated, and achieve success. 

The affirmations are powerful and uplifting and will help you stay focused on your goals even during tough times. Use them to cultivate a positive attitude and a growth mindset, and watch as your leadership skills improve.

The Leaders Gone Lead Affirmation Cards are the perfect gift for business women and men, bosses, mentors, or anyone who wants to be a better leader.

These cards are best for:

  • Daily motivation
  • Daily or weekly pick – choose an affirmation card and focus on for the day or week
  • Bookmarks
  • Wall collage
  • Journal prompts
  • During meditation
  • Add to planner
  • Pin to your inspiration board
  • Reminders – place in car, purse, mirror, desk, etc. anywhere you can see frequently throughout the day
  • Gifts – give the cut cards or deck to inspire and motivate others

Order your Leaders Gone Lead Affirmation Cards today and start your journey towards becoming a better leader. With these powerful affirmations by your side, you can inspire yourself and your team to achieve greatness. 

Easy-to-Use Printable Affirmation Cards
Print and cut out individual affirmation cards on cardstock or paper
Each individual affirmation card when cut is approximately 2.5 x 3.5 inches.
If you want to use the “Leaders Gone Lead” back – print page one and check your printer documentation for 2-sided printing

You will receive:
1 A4 size PDF file that contains 9 pages with 8 cards on each page
66 individual PNG files (high quality, zipped/compressed file)

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